An exhausting commute calls for an easy and healthy dinner! 

The other day, the traffic was especially horrible, the bus was packed, fellow commuters were talking too loud, and it was a Wednesday afternoon.

By the time I arrived home, I debated between a not so healthy dinner and a healhy one. 

Luckily, I had veggie patties in the freezer  to cook for a quick dinner. They’re from Trader Joes and are less than 10 ingredients, mostly vegetables, but some soy additive for perserving freshness and texture. 

I heated up two in the microwave,  added cucumber, spinach and green pepper, Himalayan sea salt and ground black pepper to the top, with a splash of chipotle Tabasco hot sauce and called it a complete meal. 


Jujubeet//Redmond// WA

Jujubeet is a local organic smoothie, juice and power food restaurant located in the Seattle Region.

Their Acai bowls are large and scrumptious. They top them with a paleo house made granola, bananas and strawberries.

Modifications can be made to add protein, peanut butter /almond butter/ or plant protein. 

Happy Belly is one of their wellness elixirs they offer. It is photographed above on the right. Aloe Vera, basil and pineapple is jammed packed into this tiny bottle! Perfect for healing sunburns or any other ailments. 

Their locations include Redmond Town Center, West Seattle, University Village (N. Seattle) , and Mainstreet in Bellevue! All easily accessible by car and metro!

Hours vary per location- be sure and look those up before heading there!

Check them out: 

Meal Prep: compact and functional 

Meal prep for commuting must be functional and compact in order for it to become a routine. No one wants to be the passenger on the bus or train with a million oversized bags!

This weekend, I purchased a neoprene lunch tote along with reusable plastic (BPA free) cutlery! At work I was taking up too much space in the fridge with all of my meal prepped food. Now it was time to try and condense all meals into one bag that could be transferred from my backpack or purse to the fridge, with ease, cold pack included.

Food prep for tomorrow’s long work day:

Mason jars make a great to go container as they are compact and sealed! Add leftover salsa for a nice boost to your salad ! This recipe is similar to the grocery store chain stacked salad idea!

  • Neoprene lunch tote (Bed Bath and Beyond)
  • Plastic reusable knife, fork and spoon set (Bed, Bath and Beyond)
  • Peanut Butter (easy snack, but easy to store in bag for a long time if you don’t feel like eating it that day!)
  • (2) Medjool Dates (purchased in bulk from PCC – Seattle region)
  • Cocao raw granola (purchases in bulk at market)
  • Green Breakfast Smoothie (recipe to follow)
  • Oatmeal (just add water and cook with package instructions, add fruit and chia seeds if desired)
  • Stacked Quinoa green salad with hot sauce (recipe to follow)

Not photographed, but included in side mesh pockets on backpack:

  • Water bottle
  • Travel coffee mug


The idea behind this blog began as I was meal prepping each night in order to bring healthy, plant based snacks and meals to work. It’s a difficult task that rewards greatly after realizing how much less of a hassle it is to bring every single snack and food item to work than it is stopping at whole foods or a convenience store to fuel my day.
Vegan Commuter will incorporate and share healthy meal ideas with a budget in mind. It will also introduce new health food stores and restaurants that pop up on my commute (Seattle, WA region) route to share with people where they can find a healthy treat on the go!